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Visionary.    Catalyst.    Wonder Woman.


How I Got Here

Cary Rendek, age 5
Puzzles. Perception. Perspective.

If I look for common themes in my life, I have to say that it all started with puzzles. I have always loved figuring out how things work: how they fit, what happens when they don’t fit, and how to make them fit.

From a very early age, I saw things differently. I could “see” things in others that they couldn’t. It took a lot of people getting mad for me to realize that (1) I needed to work on my delivery, and (2) some people aren’t ready for that kind of insight.

I was fascinated by the many ways that something way over there could be connected to something way over here. And I found it interesting that not everyone could do that.

So, I took my love of puzzles and how things fit,
my knack for noticing connections
and my interesting perspectives,
and applied them to a career.


How I Fit Then

Cary Rendek, graduationMy Math & Computer Science degree put me into IT.

My MBA in Organizational Behaviour and Change Management allowed me to decipher how companies, departments, people and processes fit, and where they didn’t, and how to create new connections that were optimal and sustainable.

My Project Management designation pushed me to evaluate all aspects of change, and to just get things done.

I was truly successful in applying my love for process and systems to my career. I managed multi-million dollar budgets and helped solve significant workplace problems. I was in a miscellaneous category of one, living out my unique skills and interests. I loved it, and it was exhausting. After 20 years, I wanted change.

So, I took my love of puzzles and how things fit,
my knack for noticing connections
and my interesting perspectives … plus
skills in change management
and a desire to not be exhausted … and also a desire to belong,
and redirected my energies to working one-on-one.


Cary RendekHow I Fit Now

Over the past 15 years, I have invested in a lot of professional and personal growth, even went the holistic Chinese medicine route, so now when someone asks what I do, it’s difficult for me to find an all-encompassing label. You can call me a holistic life coach, a business coach, a personal development coach, a success strategist, an acupuncturist, an intuitive, a shit-disturber, a manifestor. A mom.

All that’s true. That’s some of how I do what I do. It’s varied and diverse.

What do I bring to the table? All of the abilities that I’ve been cultivating my whole life PLUS the variety of personal and professional skills and experience I have been developing for 30 years.

I partner with you to:

  1. Unravel your puzzle.
  2. Discover your connects and disconnects, and how to reconnect.
  3. Gain perspective so you can get CLARITY.
  4. Get you MORE: More time, more money, more freedom, more space, more energy, more YOU.
  5. Inspire… The first time my story inspired someone to change direction, I was taken aback by the impact I had. And then it happened a second time. And then a third. And then it became a pattern of inspiring clients to take action.

Our work together doesn’t need to be earth shattering. But in a way, it will be, no matter what your goals are. Everything you do to get what you truly want can have lasting, life-altering effects.

Maybe the best way to describe what I do is that I’m a Catalyst for Change, getting you from:

Old Thought → New Thought → Decision → Action
Survive → Strive → Thrive


  • I recently worked with Cary and was immediately at ease, enabling us to quickly get to the heart of the matter at hand that been holding my progress back. Cary was able to draw upon her vast knowledge and provide me with the information and guidance I sought and then was able to provide a more rounded offering to enable me to achieve more than I had originally thought of. I recommend you working with Cary to draw upon her wealth of experience and knowledge to move you forward.

    Andrew Embling, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner Bristol, UK
  • I came to Cary for chronic pain and began to see an improvement immediately. The number of discomfort free days became greater and greater with each session and I'm happy to say I am now symptom free! What really worked for me with Cary's sessions was her exploration of the underlying cause of my symptoms. The coaching I had each session with Cary helped me see things from a new perspective and I found she intuitively knew exactly what to ask to help guide me. Cary is warm, confident and wise and I would highly recommend her.

    Catherine Longul Vancouver BC, CAN

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