How I Roll:

10 Things I Bring to the Table.


1. I see patterns in everything.

I see things that aren’t always easy to see. I look for and see not only what you’re saying, but what you’re not saying. How you’re saying it. How your body moves. How you sit, breathe, engage with me.

And I’ll find patterns in that. Patterns that suggest a blockage, something that wants to come to the surface but doesn’t know how. Patterns that suggest a behaviour, mindset or long-held belief that wants to change, or even be eliminated.

I’ll see this, and bring it into our work together so you too can see it. And take action.

2. I give you the straight goods.

Fluff is for clouds and pets. I see your fluff and raise you a truth. You pay me good money to help you get to where you want to go, so I’m not going to waste it on beating around the bush. That doesn’t mean tact and compassion have no place—they play a central role. Judgment has no place. We’re kicking it to the curb. It makes it easier for you to be straight with me. Because it’s all about trust.


3. I can find humour in almost anything.

We will laugh. A lot. Not because laughter is the best medicine, or because it’s a good release. We will laugh because there will be some fun along the way. Even when we do deep inner work, you and I will find something to celebrate and bring joy into your conscious world.

4. I put in just as much effort as you do.

But not more. This is your time, your journey, your challenge. I’m here to guide you, support you, give you a fresh perspective. You need to do the work. And work there will be. This process of achieving goals, creating new habits, allowing your inner you match the outer you: it’s simple, but not easy. It’s precisely because it’s not easy that you’re here. You’ve tried going it alone, and the changes didn’t stick when the going got tough. Not this time.


5. I’m not for everyone.

We will work well together if you’re really, truly committed to moving from thought to action, if you’re ready to make the changes in your life that will help you to fundamentally enjoy each day.

6. I love a good paradox.

How can two conflicting concepts coexist? They just do. And in many cases, you can’t have one without the other. I love the way it can break our brains trying to figure it out. Check out some Escher sketches.

We spend our lives trying to differentiate ourselves from others, from the competition. It’s our drive—desire—to be unique. But get this: we’re ALL doing that. It’s our common humanity. No one single element of us is unique, but it’s the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” that creates the individual. So we’re each in our own box of uniqueness, and at the same time we’re all in the same box of striving for uniqueness.


7. I am a Manifestor.

I make shit happen. In the world of Human Design, this means I’m a Manifestor. It’s my role in life to inform others. In my own personal experiences, I manifest big and hard. As a catalyst for change, I am that one constant in your life who will guide you through changes in your life, in your business, in your self so you can achieve what you really want.

8. I use my intuition to guide us.

Approximately 95% of our 12 million thoughts lie in our unconscious brain. This means that most of our habits, our drive, our beliefs lay hidden, and changing them can be a tough task. I use whatever is necessary to bring your unconscious thoughts into your awareness, and apply practical methods to work through them.


9. I am a connector.

Everything is about connection: your cells, your mind-body, your relationships with  family, friends, business, community. There’s always a begin point, an end point and a connection between two things. I find your disconnects, and help you restore old connections and create new ones so you can find your place in your world and feel whole.


10. I will challenge you.

If you’re always making the same choices, you’ll always get the same results. I will stir things up for you, roil the waters and get you some clarity.

You will recognize the challenge when your irritation towards me bumps into your own resistance. Funny, I know we’re going in a good direction when I start to piss you off a little. And now you know it too.


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